Shelby Auto Care car care products
Team Shelby

Quality and performance car care products you expect from Carol Shelby

Carroll Shelby is known for his fast cars. Now he offers four new interior and exterior auto care products designed for quality and performance:

  • Spray Wax: Fast to use, but with lasting protection, great beading action and a deep, wet-look finish.
  • Protectant: A water-based UV protection that preserves and revitalizes rubber, vinyl and plastic.
  • Liquid Wax: A gentle, non-abrasive polish that protects while providing a deeper, more luxurious shine and stronger finish.

"We're honored to be part of the Shelby family and offer these great new car care products," said Rich Hazelwood, CEO of Shelby Auto Care. "We have developed products that exceed the standards expected from the Shelby name. Enthusiasts will find the quality of these products match their passion for their vehicles."

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